Combating Climate Change

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face - it is a global task that requires each and everyone of us to come together and act with unity of purpose.

Here in Scotland, we have our part to play. I will continue to make the arguments for investing in low carbon energy sources, heating our homes  more efficiently and creating a truly circular economy. We can build a new greener and more prosperous future for our communities, and I will continue to make those arguments in the Scottish Parliament.

In early 2017, I published a policy paper that sets out the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party's vision of a greener, more pleasant and more prosperous Scotland. You can that vision here.


WATCH: Preventing Food Waste is a Win For Everyone

Preventing food waste benefits everyone; consumers, businesses and of course the environment. Reducing our food waste means that we save the water, energy, time, labour, land and more besides that goes into producing and selling food.  

Scottish Renewables turns 20

Scotland has been at the forefront of renewable energy in the UK; generating almost a third of all renewable energy in the UK in 2014, and over half of Scotland;s electricity consumption was generated by renewables last year.