Standing Up for Scotland's Place in the Union

Scotland said No! In 2014, more than 2 million Scots decisively rejected the SNP's attempt to break up Britain. Now it's time the SNP respected Scotland's democratic decision, moved on and got back to the day job.

Re assured that I, along with my Scottish Conservative and Unionist colleagues, will always stand up for Scotland's place in our precious United Kingdom.


We Said NO in 2014. We Meant It!

I was elected in May last year on a clear manifesto commitment to support Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom and will oppose any second independence referendum every step of the way.

It’s Time to Stand Up for The Union

In 2014, Scots told the SNP loud and clearly that they wanted to remain part of the United Kingdom. Today Nicola Sturgeon chose to disrespect that democratic decision. It’s time she started listening to Scots rather than lecturing them.